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Health Education Program

Mission :
Qualify competitive specialized cadres in the field of health education and research, and actively contributing to community participation to enhance health and improve the quality of life

Goals :
1. Qualify health education specialists, fulfilling professional competency frameworks in the specialty.
2. Prepare health educators with distinguished research skills.
3. Contribute effectively to community service and development in the field of health education in cooperation with relevant sectors.

Program learning Outcomes
Knowledge and understanding:
K1-Identify concepts, theories and health issues in  public health and health education sciences.
K2-Describe different methods of assessment and analysis in public health and health education.
K3-Recognize public health policy and practice in health care.

S1-Apply concepts of health education and health promotion in providing care to patient, family and community. 
S2-Evaluate community dimensions of practice and policy.
S3-Utilize technology in health education field

V1-Demonstrate Professionalism in practice

Graduate Attributes

Attribute 1: Deep knowledge in health education field

Attribute 2: Digital capabilities

Attribute 3: Communication

Attribute 4: Professionalism

Attribute 5: Ethical competency

Attribute 6: Community service​