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​​​About the Center:
The Research Center in the college of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences was established upon decision no. (7361) from the H.E. the Rector on 30\4\1437 H. The center is under the research centers unit at the Vice Deanship for Scientific Research. Its aim is to fulfil the needs for researches in the field of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. It lays the foundation of scientific research, develop plans and the programs, improve the researches laboratories, as well as encouraging cooperation agreement and partnerships with universities, academic and research institutions, and community institutions locally, regionally and globally. The center strives to improve and support and encourage the scientific research, and conduct outstanding basic researches in order to increase the efficiency of the faculty members and students in the field of scientific research. This methodology will result in qualitative and quantitative achievement in the field of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and lead to transforming the acquired knowledge in scientific research. At the center, we will have the opportunity to mix between the different specialization in the college of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, thus having a base to explore different horizons of knowledge, innovation, creative thinking and development.

Members of the Board of Directors:
1. Dr. Nisreen Naser Al Awaji (Director)
2. Dr. Eman Mohamed Mortada (Member)
3. Dr. Kholood Matouq Shalabi (Member) 
4. Dr. Reem Mohamed Jamil Mulla (Member)
5. Dr. Monira Ibrahim Aldhahi (Member)
6. Dr. Hadeel Ramadan Bakhsh​​ (Member)

To be a scientific and reference center which conducts high quality scientific researches and innovations in the field of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

 To be an entity for scientific researches that achieve PNU's mission and strategic plan, as well as contributing to building the knowledge economy through community and scientific partnerships. 

Core Values:
Creativity and Initiative
Sustainable Development

1. To form specialized scientific groups and teams across the college's departments and the different medical colleges, and motivate them on excellence, creativity and contribution to scientific process development.
2. To apply the concept of quality and excellence on the scientific researches and the different activities of the center. 
3. To contribute to publishing the scientific researches in international certified journals.
4. To build international scientific cooperation and attract locally and globally outstanding and qualified researchers through holding seminars, forums or research participation. 
5. To support the applied research and community partnerships based on the suggested research priorities by the Vice Deanship for Scientific Research.
6. To hold workshops that aim at developing the scientific research skills of the Faculty members and college alumni (Continues Education). 
7. To provide a research environment for the students' graduation researches in the medical colleges in cooperation with the Faculty members.
8. To build a database for ongoing and finished researches in order to track its implementation according to the approved plan.

Organizing and delivering workshops and training programs in the field of scientific research.
Providing research consultations for members by qualified specialists in scientific research (biometric, writing a research proposal, scientific publishing)
Facilitating the task of the researchers.
Providing research projects revision. 
Supporting the projects funded by the Vice Deanship and Medical Colleges Research Center.
Contacting with the Committee of Scientific Research Ethics. 

For inquiries, please send an email to:

Faculty Publications Database: ​

Publishing Journal Publication YearAuthor(s)Research Title
Food and Nutrition Sciences2018Tarfa Al BrahimThe Relationship between Bone Mineral Density and Obesity in Women  2018
Association of Interleukin-6 and Other Cytokines with Self-Reported Pain in Prostate Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy.2018

Al-Mazidi S,

Farhat K,

Nedjadi T,

Chaudhary A,

Zin Al-Abdin O,

Rabah D,

Al-Zoghaibi M,

Djouhri L

Pain Medicine
Exploring attitudes related to sweetened soft drinks consumption among adults in Saudi Arabia2018

Nada Benajiba,

Rokkaya Sami Eldib

Nutrition & Food Science
Impact of Bladder Distension on Organs at Risk in 3D Intracavitary Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer2018

Hooryia Bajwa Bajwa

Bilal Muhammad Muhammad

K Rehman Rehman

Niazi Niazi

Haider Haider

A Masood Masood

International journal of medical and health science
They Treated us Like Employees Not Trainees: Patient Educator Interns' Experiences of Epistemological Shock2018

Fatmah Almoayad,


Health profession education

Human neural stem cells dispersed in artificial ECM

form cerebral organoids when grafted in vivo


Basuodan R,

Basu AP,

Clowry GJ.

Journal of Anatomy
Influence of full mouth rehabilitation on oral health-related quality of life  among disabled children  July 20172017

Abeer M. Al‐Nowaiser

Abdulaziz S. Al Suwyed

Khalid H. Al Zoman

 Asirvatham A. Robert

Tarfa Al Brahim

Sebastian G. Ciancio

Sultan A. Al Mubarak

Omar A. El Meligy

Clinical and experimental dental research
Assessment of breast cancer risk among women using the Gail model, Egypt.2017Eman MortadaInternational Journal  of Advanced Research
Lifestyle factors influencing bone health in young adult women in Saudi Arabia.2017Nada Bin AgeebaAfrican Health Sciences
Salt reduction in bread among Moroccan population2017Nada BenajibaConference proceedings: International Union of Nutritional Sciences International Conference of Nutrition 21st Ann Nutr Metab 2017;71(suppl 2):pp 743 2017
Patient Radiation Biological Risk in computed Tomograpy Angiograpy Procedure2017

Alkhorayef M,

Babikir E,

Alrushoud A,

Al-Mohammed H,

Sulieman A

Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
Prevalence, ergonomics, sociodemographic correlates with musculoskeletal injuries among sonographers in Riyadh, KSA. 2017

Lina Fahmi Hammad,

Uzma Zaidi ,

Salwa Saad Awad ,

Safaa Mostafa Ali Elkholi,

Hind Diouri Qasem,

Farah Zaidi

Cibtech Journal of Zoology
Discriminatory attitudes and practices by health workers towards patients with HIV/AIDS patients, Khartoum state hospitals2017

Howeida Hassan Abusalih

 Nawal Mustafa Osman

World Journal Of Pharmacy And Pharmaceutical Sciences
Assessing Sudanese patients' perspective with regards to quality of services in Khartoum dental teaching hospital, Sudan, 2017

Wisam Omer Taha Algabbani , Howeida Hassan Abusalih  ,

Khalid Sayid Habbani ,

Salwa Saad Awad

Global Journal Of Medicine And Public Health
Polarized light Versus Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy On Healing of Venous Ulcers.2017

Shaimaa A. Abaasa ,

Zizi M. Ibrahimb,

Heba M. Mohamadya

International Journal of chemtech Research, 2017,10(5): 427-3
Impact of inspiratory muscle training versus resistance Training on ventricular dysfunction in patients with Dilated cardiomyopathy: a randomized controlled trial2017

Shereen H. Elsayed ,

Azza M. Atya

International Journal of Physiotherapy and Research,
Deoxygenation of inspiratory muscles during cycling, Hyperpnoea and loaded breathing in health and disease: a Systematic review2017

Tanaka T,

Basoudan N,

Melo LT,

Wickerson L,

Brochard LJ,

Goligher EC,

Reid WD

Deoxygenation of inspiratory muscles during cycling, Hyperpnoea and loaded breathing in health and disease: a Systematic review

Reem Almutairi,

 Fatmah Almoayad,

Judy Mckimm,

Clive Weston,

Rhys Williams.

Health professional students' knowledge, beliefs and behaviour towards public health issues in Saudi Arabia



Reem Almutairi,

Fatmah Almoayad,

Judy Mckimm,

Clive Weston,

Rhys Williams.

Conference proceedings: International Diabetes Federation's Annual congress at: Abu dhabi, UAE.

Projects health professional students' knowledge, beliefs and behaviour towards public health issues in Saudi Arabia

Anticancer activity of EA1

extracted from Equisetum arvense


Al Mohammed HI,

Paray BA,

Rather IA.

Pakistani Journal of Pharm Science


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