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Study in the College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Student Employment

Student Employment: 

• Provides employment opportunities in the college for regular students in exchange for money. 

• The student submits the employment application to submit it to the Deanship of Student Affairs for approval. The form is obtained from the Student Affairs Office in the college on the second floor, MS. Asma al-Nashwan’s office No. (2.552). 


Renting lockers for students' bags: 

Renting lockers for students in the College of Health Sciences and Rehabilitation, Second Floor, MS. Asma Al-Nashwan's Office No. (2.522) 


Leasing procedures: 

• Conclusion of a rental contract by employees of the lockers Department. 

• The rental fee is 150 riyals for the year, which is 50 riyals for one semester and 50 riyals for insurance. 

• The student is obligated to maintain the lockers and password and observe the college’s regulations. 


In the event of any inquiries about student employment 

We hope to contact us via email: DSA_SP@PNU.EDU.SA ​