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The academic advising

The academic advising definition: 

It the responsible unit of: 

-      Supervising the academic advising process in the college. 

-      Coordinate the process of schedules registration for the student who faces issues.  

-      it considers the link between the academic departments and the Admission and Registration Deanship 


what is academic advising? 


The advising means helping the student especially those fresh students to accomplish their goals based on ensuring the full understanding of their specialty field academic requirements. 

Understanding the passing requirements based on prepared plans by the colleges, deanships, and universities based on academic conditions approved by Specialized accreditation organization. 


The vision  

The academic advising unit seeks to offer advising services for the students to develop their personalities academically and socially. in addition to, promoting their skills in various fields concerning the international quality standers.  


The mission  

The academic advising unit provides a variety of service to meets the students need in: 

-      Choosing the appropriate course according to the plan  

-      Counsel the students in how to deal with the possible difficulties they may face throughout their journey to facilitate the academic learning process and seeking the excellence 



The advising goals  


-      Prepare the fresh student for university life 

-      Help student in taking the appropriate decision regarded their academic and professional future. Taking full advantage of all the available capabilities 

-      Facilitate administrative procedures to provide optimal services to the students in good timing according to the quality standards placed by the educational institution. 

-      Monitor the students progress during their journey and promote the defaulter’s performance  

-      Help the student to accomplish their academic and professional goals 

-      Counselling and guiding the students in developing a study plan that consistent with their goals, which will be discussed with their academic advisor later  

-      Guiding the student to how to evaluate their progress toward their goals  

-      Encourage the students to take full responsibility for their choices to promote their academic skills and self-confidence  

-      Provide all information regarding the university programs, rules, and regulation to the students   


Roles of advising unit 


-      Link the students to their academic advisors in the academic system; to monitor their academic records, schedules, and their progress through the studying plan. 

-      Announce the dates of academic procedures 

-      Clarification of the academic procedures 

-      Provide to the departmental advising coordinators how to benefit from the system regarded advising services  

-      Spreading the awareness of academic advising within the colleges by activating the advising's friends program. 

-      An advisor is set for each student (suspend the names of their students over its office) 

-      -Meet with the students to monitor their progress according to their approved academic plan to ensure their graduation at the expected time and not to forget a course from previous levels 

-      The advisor-student relationship is a continuous relation to enables the students to accomplish their academic, educational, and professional goals 


The academic advisor: 


-      Prepare the student profile  

-      Registrations: pass – previous demand- minimum and maximum limit of the Registrations (The academic burden) 

-      The studying schedules (no conflicts) 

-      Explanation of the graduation requirements ( from the university, college, and specialty field) 

-      Approved and signature forms 

-      The absence and deprivation policy 

-      Postponement and interruption policy 

-      Mange the courses  

-      The relationship between student and the academic teaching staff  

-      Studying skills and habits  

-      Review the socialists if there are psychological, social, or physical problems 

-      Meeting with the students. ​​

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