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About the Program

The English Language Program at the Department of Translation focuses on teaching translation and interpretation, with additional language and literary courses also offered. The Program is designed to provide students with the proper academic and scientific environment to foster their ambitions and exceed their expectations. 

  Utilizing the established curricula, students apply their theoretical translation knowledge, learn how to analyze and understand texts, and evaluate connections between word families. At advanced levels, students are adequately prepared and able to choose appropriate strategies for translating texts in various fields, while comparing and contrasting English and Arabic texts to recognize different grammatical structures, styles, and figurative uses.

Compulsory department requirements include (83) units of study, which constitute the main learning modules of the program. 

Program Mission:

To qualify women translators and develop their professional and interpersonal skills to compete in the labor market, in addition to enhancing their community service and scientific research skills. 

Program Objectives:

1.     Educate and arm graduates with the necessary English skills to successfully pursue a career in English/Arabic translation, including written, oral, and audiovisual translation skills.

2.     Empower graduates to use their research skills while adhering to proper ethics in the translation field.

3.     Develop the necessary personal qualities to add value to the Saudi community.

4.             Support professional competencies in the field of translation through co-op training.​​