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Objectives and Services:

Supporting scientific research and linguistic studies to meet the recent developments in the scientific specializations.


Promoting and encouraging faculty members to conduct research on translation, literature and applied linguistics according to the recent scientific theories.


Encouraging and supporting research team projects by facilitating communication between the college scholars and the supportive bodies inside and outside the university.


Supporting scientific research and applied studies that are based on community partnerships so to contribute positively to the field of community service.


Supporting and encouraging students' research through graduation projects and motivating them towards scientific excellence and creativity.


Providing scientific and professional consultations to the scientific centers and agencies related to the college specializations.


Holding forums, workshops, seminars and training courses, and organizing scientific activities and events that contribute to the development of the scientific research system and its beneficiaries.


Offering a database of researchers and of completed and ongoing research, which helps those interested in the field of research, internally and externally, to connect.

Targeted group:


  • Academic leaders at the college.
  • Faculty members and the Like.
  • Students of the college of languages.
  • Beneficiaries of research projects inside and outside the university.

The relevant national and international scientific agencies and centers.​