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Vision, mission and objectives


To excel in qualifying women cadres in the field of translation to facilitate communication with the world and achieve society's prosperity. ​


Qualifying women researchers and practitioners in the field of translation besides enhancing their community services according to the national and international standards.


1-To contribute effectively with the national efforts to achieve intercultural communication.

 2-To develop a stimulating learning environment that provides a broad knowledge and creativity.  

3-To offer our students an opportunity to study in an interdisciplinary environment which induces self- learning; improves decision-making; stronger problem-solving skills; greater motivation; and enhances cooperative learning.

4-To produce competent young professionals coupled with personal integrity and human understanding.

5-To develop effective community partnerships through academic and research programs that mirror the best practices in community service.

6-To fund scientific research and encourage sufficient innovation and creativity.

7-To invest the college resources to achieve financial independence to ensure sufficient sustainable development in operating academic and administrative units.​