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Statements by Graduates From Department of Accounting

Institution Name


Eyad Reda Law Firm

Name of the Author of the Statement

Raneem Walid Hameed Makki


Position / DepartmentFinancial Specialist 
Year of Graduation2020
The testimonial


"Being an Accountant means that you are the adviser to the money language, the dealer, the businessmen and the launcher of ideas" worlds represent Princes Nourah University effort to graduate a group of elite students from the Accounting Department. I would express my thanks and appreciation to all Princes Nourah University employees, especially the employees of the Collage of Business and Administration Accounting Department for their efforts and time to implement the department vision and mission.


I am proud to belong to this great edifice whose ambition has no limit as long as we are dreaming, I attest to the successes and distinction of Princes Nourah University-Accounting department in graduating highly qualified students in line with the college slogan

(In to learn, Out to lead)


Mentioning distinction let me present the excellence features of the Accounting department which investing in the students for being totally prepared to enter the market place with highly competitive advantages than the other students.  

PNU Accounting department always provide their students with the highs quality of knowledge and practical training in order to interring the market place, in addition to building a strong local and international agreements to help the students. My standing years in PNU adds to me various scientific outcome and practical experiments as a result of working in different type of administrative and accounting projects  to empower women leaders who are aware of aspiration and working to archives our country 2030 vision goals. My Teachers and Doctors support was one of the most important reasons that facilitated the difficulties in obtaining IPSAS certificate (International Public Accounting Standers). Which is considered a professional certificate required at the present time especially in the public sector during this shifting period of time to implement the accrual base accounting than the cash base accounting, finally the intangible part of instilling loyalty and proudness of the achievement I have reached to today is an integral part of their great effort.






Institution Name


Hanan Mansour Alrashidi


Name of the Author of the Statement


Princess Nora bint AbdulRahman University

Position / DepartmentIntern in the Department of Finance - General Directorate of Investment
Year of Graduation2020
The testimonial


Princess Noura University was not just an ordinary academic university that provides education only, but rather it is a mini-city that supports and develops women, and contributes to how to encourage, qualify, empower and support them to fulfill their role in society and participate in achieving Vision 2030.


In terms of my experience in studying the major (accounting), it gained me many personal and professional skills such as leadership, negotiation, planning, organizing, and working effectively in a team.


Finally, all the appreciation, love, and thanks to all the professors and doctors in the accounting department who were the reason for my success and excellence in my academic career, and I make sure that they invest their knowledge and experience by teaching us and sharing it with us.



Institution Name

Yasmeen Fayez Alshammary


Name of the Author of the Statement

KPMG Alfozan and Partners


Position / DepartmentSenior Auditor- Audit Department
Year of Graduation2018
The testimonial


Everyone should strive for excellence in their professional goals. PNU helps me to take my first step in my professional career. With all the existing educational resources, infrastructures, and experiences PNU has provided to students, I was capable to start my career right after graduation at one of the big 4 international-based accounting companies. I can't express enough how grateful I am for the time I spent at my college and with my professional faculty members at PNU- Accounting department. I'm always looking forward to best represent my university as an alumna in the international settings. The grace, after God, is due to this ancient university that paved the way for us, harnessed the capabilities for us, and raised our scientific level through a motivating administration and distinguished faculty members, each of whom left an imprint that had an impact on my career, and I singled out them by mentioning: Dr. Amal Fouda, Dr. Aida Osman, Dr. Mashael Bakhit.






Institution NameBaker Tilly MKM & Co.
Name of the Author of the StatementAbeer Hatem Al Friji
Position / DepartmentAssistant Auditor
Year of Graduation2017
The testimonial

Princess Nora University, in which I spent my years of study with all its ups and downs, competition and diligence, no words can describe my feelings and loyalty to this university.

We were contained and guided with any inquiries we might have, and we were directed in the right direction by faculty members who were more than sisters.

We were educated and trained with the highest international quality standards, which was the main reason to prepare us for the work environment.



Institution Name

ThyssenKrupp Saudi Arabia Ltd


Name of the Author of the Statement

Arwa Omar Alamri


Position / DepartmentTax Specialist – Accountant
Year of Graduation2016
The testimonial


The development of finished skills to suit the labor market.

Familiarity with administrative and professional tasks.

Ability to withstand work pressures.​

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