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Bachelor of Science in financial Economics

Program Mission: 

 Qualify distinguished competent females with knowledge, skills and research in the field of financial economics to meet the needs of society and the labor market.

 Financial Economics Program Objectives 

1.     Provide female graduates with the necessary knowledge and competencies in the fields of economics and finance through an advanced academic environment.

2.     Develop analytical, planning and decision-making skills in the field of economics and finance to develop a knowledge-based economy.

3.     Develop research and lifelong learning skills to contribute to the advancement and development of economic and financial knowledge.

4.     Improve graduates' communication and critical thinking skills to enhance their effectiveness in the labor market.

5.     Promote a culture of community service and social responsibility in the field of economics and finance, taking into account work ethics.

Degree awarded by the program:

Bachelor of Science in Financial Economics

Program System​:

The study plan for the program is designed to be equivalent to eight semesters.

Study language: