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About Community Services in CBA


 Identifying a community services opportunity inside and outside the CBA, raising awareness of the importance of community services, and empowering the CBA faculty members and students to participate in community service activities.


Unit tasks:

  1. -  Searching for ways to meet the needs of the community inside and outside the university using the capabilities, skills and knowledge available to us from the faculty members (faculty members - administrative staff members - students).
  2. - Communicating and coordinating with external bodies such as charities, the local community, and other colleges to complete community service programs and plans in the college.
  3. - Integrating and linking the available opportunities with the faculty members.
  4. - Urging the faculty staff to establish community initiatives and help them achieve them.
  5. - Create annual community service plans and goals.


Community Service Unit Forms:

  1. - Community Service Report Form.
  2. - Community Services' Collection Form.
  3. - Approval of a third party to hold a community service event From