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Business Statistics

Course Description:


This course will review types of distributions with emphasis on the normal distribution, sampling distribution for the means, proportion and the difference between two means and proportions. This course estimates some population parameters. A hypothesis testing for the mean, proportion, and difference between two means, difference between proportions and the ratio of two variances (F distribution) will conducted. In addition toss estimating the correlation coefficients and the simple Linear Regression model that students apply in all economic courses. The course ends up by, students' competence in use of SPSS Program will increased

Topics to be Covered
List of Topics

No. of


Contact hours

Sampling distributions

(For the mean, for proportion)

Estimation of population parameters (Point and interval estimation), and the difference between two means, two proportions.

Goodness of fit13
Statistical hypotheses testing Tests for the mean, proportion, and the difference between two means, proportions.26
F- Distribution : Analysis of variance- 13
Introduction to Non-parametric tests (Sign test)13
Correlation coefficient, Simple Linear Regression model13
Apply simple linear Regression model and testing hypothesis between two population means using SPSS software programming.13
Midterm +class test13


Schedule of Assessment Tasks for Students During the Semester
 Assessment task (i.e., essay, test, quizzes, group project, examination, speech, oral presentation, etc.)Week DueProportion of Total Assessment
1In class Quiz510%
2Mid-term Exam 7-920%
3In class activitiesDuring the term10 %
4In class test10-1215%
5Practical test using statistical soft ware13-145%
6Final exam.End of Semester40%


1. List Required Textbooks


1-      Groebner, D., Shannon, P., K.D. Smith., & P. Fry. Business Statistics, Global Edition, 10/E, Pearson.

  1. Douglas Lind; William Marshal ; Samuel Wathen,“ Statistical Techniques in Business& Economics" Fifteenth Edition 2012 ​