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Academic advising

Introducing the Academic Advising Unit :
The Academic Advising Unit is the unit entrusted with guiding and following up the student during her studies through continuous discussions. It provides the student with advice and assistance in order to adapt to university life and understand university mission and goals. The unit is also concerned with providing the appropriate environment for the student so that she can discover her tendencies and abilities in order to reach her academic goal that achieves her ambitions in her capabilities scope.

Academic Advising Functions:
1- Sending academic advisors' emails
2- Answering the students’ inquiries in order to know their advisors
3- Announcing the names of each academic advisor and her students
4- Working on preparing students' files and updating them constantly
5- Provide each advisor with the following:

- A summary of all the counsellor’s interest from the academic and  counselling guide related to the counsellor’s work.
- The students names and IDs assigned to each advisor.
- Academic Advisors must be present at work every day during the first two weeks of the semester.

6- Conducting an introductory meeting every semester for new students.
7- Printing brochures (Academic Advising Guide) and distributing them to students during the introductory meeting for health colleges.

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