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About College of Pharmacy Research Center
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Research Center aims to provide a research environment that stimulates the creativity and adopts ambitious and innovative research programs and projects in various health fields with a societal impact that in turn serve the college and university's strategic goals and the development plans in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This occure through:

1- Establishing plans and priorities for scientific research in the college
2- Creating a link between faculty members and the Deanship of Scientific Research
3- Encouraging the research collaboration between researchers from inside and outside the college
4- Provide the support for the researchers and develop their research capabilities
5- Equipping a research laboratory that serves most of the disciplines of pharmacy in applied sciences 
Providing a scientific and technical center to motivate faculty and researchers of the College of Pharmacy to work on improving health care through effective research to service the community.
Creating an environment that stimulates scientific research that enables a generation of researchers to keep pace with scientific development in accordance with international quality standards.

1- Encouraging faculty members to form specialized research groups and teams and encouraging recent graduates to join them.
2- Establishing partnerships with specialized centers and authorities, and pharmaceutical companies locally and internationally to exchange information and experiences and develop pharmaceutical industry through application of scientific research outputs.
3- Equipping an integrated central research laboratory that serves with its equipment most pharmaceutical specialties, it is supplied with the devices that are purchased from the budget of research projects funded to researchers in addition to the annual fund of the university for the purchase of devices and an attached animal house equipped for experiments.
4- Preparing a support unit for researchers from the faculty of the College of Pharmacy in the stages of submitting projects, statistical analysis of results, examining similarity rates, and preparing research for publication.
5- Holding scientific seminars, workshops, and meetings to develop the research and practical skills of faculty, members, and students of the College of Pharmacy by attracting distinguished scientific competencies and skills locally and internationally.
Center director:
Dr. Aisha Ali Alsfouk: Assistant Professor at the College of Pharmacy  
Contact information:
Extensions:  39410, 39359