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Definition of Herbarium


Plant Herbarium is a library containing all documents and records of all plant information. Plants are preserved as a collection of dried, compressed and mounted models on cardboard in a form that matches the living image of the plant as a reference record and managed by an official specializing in plant classification. International rules require that samples be kept by their Latin scientific names and provided with full information on the name, species, habitat, name of the person who collected them, the date of their collection and the name of the one who identified them and that they be arranged in accordance with one of the contemporary classification systems within the cabinets dedicated to the preservation of grassy plant samples.

The herbarium is an important research unit in research centers and in the Biology Department of the Faculties of Science, which is interested in scientific research on wild plants and helps to identify mechanisms for preserving plant diversity and sustainable use of vegetation. The scientific introduction service for plant samples is provided free of charge to researchers, students, and the general public.

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