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Origin of the Herbarium

Since its inception, the Biology Department of the College of Science has a true national scientific wealth, consisting of many dried and compressed herbal plant specimens collected at varying intervals across Saudi Arabia. The College of Science Herbarium at Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University (PNUH) is promising to be established as a voluntary initiative in 1434 H-2013, and based on the decision of the Deanship council for scientific research no. 28568/JC On 12-4-1438 H was approved for the research project submitted by Dr. Najla Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Shaya- specialized in the classification of pink plants entitled:

 "Classification studies on plant species in the Herbarium of the College of Science at Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University" 

Systematic Studies on Plant Species in the Herbarium of the College of Science in Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University

 In cooperation with the research team Dr. Yahya Aplay (Jazan University) and Dr. Jacob Thomas (Formerly King Saud University), assistant researcher Professor Ibtisam Al-Qahtani, Professor Awat Al-Sofayani, Professor Asma Al-Sharbji and Professor Salma Al-Ghamdi. The burden of this work and its access to its honorable image has carried renewed hands every year of students and teachers and harnessing all the energies during school hours by directing the activities of students during practical lessons or with the participation of volunteers who loved the idea of the initiative and wanted to make their mark with useful knowledge to benefit from; year after year of hard work aimed at identifying and classifying plant species through various fluorine references and visiting the national pension to meet specialists. We had to think seriously to give the plants the definition, designation and accurate scientific classification, which qualifies us to have a Herbarium with women's hands, especially for the Department of Biology, College of Science, Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University and benefits researchers inside and outside the university and all segments of society.

The building block was to shine the dawn of this project and with the determination of the officials of the College of Science to provide a headquarters in the library of the College of Science for the establishment of the Herbarium and sought to thank them for their constant care and follow-up to facilitate and overcome the difficulties and challenges faced by the initiative of establishing the Herbarium to appear in a proper appearance and to achieve the desired goals in the service of the university and society, to match the level of their counterparts educational institutions, and this dream moved to the ground.

It was officially opened on 24-7-1439 H 10-4-2018 in the presence of the Dean of Scientific Research H.E. Dr. Manal Al-Shadi and The Dean of the College of Science, Dr. Samira Saidi and her agents, and the Director of the Research Center at the College of Science, H.E. Dr. Munira Al-Abdan, and the Head of the Department of Biology, H.E. Dr. Lamia Al-Shadi. It was accompanied by an accompanying exhibition with the herbalist and the services it provides and the stages of the establishment of the grass, the importance of preserving desert plants and an interesting display of its economic, medical and pastoral importance and the distribution of some gifts and brochures. 

Thanks to Allah, the Herbarium of the College of Sciences within Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University  has made many research contributions.