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Training courses completed and Activities provided

Training courses completed :

 - Introductory workshop in the Chair for Environmental Pollution Research at Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University

- A training course entitled 'A research study on the Impact of some Artificial Sweeteners on Orange and Carrots juices''

- Training course entitled Preparing nanoparticles by green methods and using it in the purification of water contaminated with toxic elements

- A training course entitled Creative Steps in the Preparation of Scientific Research

- Radioactive materials used, security and safety in cooperation with the Community Service Unit in the Chemistry Department

- Workshop entitled Chemical Reactions to Detect Heavy Elements in Water and Soil

- A training course entitled Radiation and the Environment

A training course entitled The Importance of Cooperation in The Elimination of Environmental Pollution

- Training course entitled The Risk of Nitrate Ions NO3 - Nitrite NO2 - On Human Health

- Workshop entitled Green Labs

- A training course entitled Scientific Research in the Scopus Database

- ISO 2200 training course on food safety

- Johns Hopkins application course in the teaching of dual replacement interactions

A training course entitled Water Resources Management

- Polymer preparation and use cycle

- A training course entitled Basic Steps for The Preparation of Scientific Research

The government's support for the government's work in the country is a very good one.

- Eco-friendly plastic preparation workshop

The government's support for the government's work in the country is a very good one.

The government's support for the government's work in the country is a key concern for the government.

The government's work on the project is being expanded to the national and regional development programs.

- Training course entitled Plant Treatment of Pollutants

- A training course entitled Solar Energy The Way to Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Fuel

- An analytical comparison workshop between the proportions of natural and commercial milk ingredients

- Training course entitled Pesticide Contamination

A training course entitled Environmental Pollution and Its Impact on Children's Health

- Estimating casein in different samples of milk and milk

- Adsorption, principles, and applications.

Activities provided

World Competition against Coronavirus.

Participation in the 1440 Environment Week exhibition held at the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture. Under the slogan "We protect our environment for the well-being of our society."

A voluntary campaign to activate World Ozone Day.

- Awareness campaign to identify toxic elements in some cosmetics.

Participation in a number of conferences (7th International Conference on Pollution Control and Sustainable Environment) and (1st International Conference on Semi-Dry Mountain Environments).

- Awareness campaign entitled Friends of the Environment at Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University.