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Academic Advising

The Academic Guidance Unit seeks to advise and assist the student so that she can successfully complete her study within the planned period by:

Providing the necessary support to the student during her studies in order to achieve the completion of the study plan and to complete all requirements within the available time period.

Providing academic information and guidance to the student and increasing her awareness of the university's mission, objectives and systems.

 Follow-up the student academically and help her to complete her studies efficiently and support the university's efforts in providing a sound educational environment for the graduation of qualified students to the labor market.

 Help the student to learn about scientific disciplines that suit her mental abilities and tendencies.

 Directing the student who is struggling to study, guiding her, taking care of her and following her up to raise her scientific level and helping her overcome the obstacles she faces.

 Providing the student with suggestions and advice to improve her educational achievement and help her overcome her academic and administrative problems.

 Raising awareness within the university with the Available resources and service provided by the university to improve the level of the student.

 Providing the student with the experience and scientific opinion about organizing time and making good use of it to obtain the best methods of study and good achievement