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The College of Science has a long and rich history, with deep roots in the land of this pioneering university, and its ripe fruits were and still pour into this edifice and are watered by the pure source, which is the endless support of our wise leadership in this dear country, and then the management of our pioneering university, Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University.

The College of Science was opened in 1428 AH by a supreme decree during the reign of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz “may Allah have mercy on him." It is an extension of the College of Education for Girls in Riyadh, which was established in 1390 AH and included both scientific and literary departments. It was separated into two faculties, one of which is scientific, and includes mathematics, physics, chemistry, botany and zoology, and the other is literary.

In the same year, a system of privatization was introduced, one major and the other subordinate, then the single specialization system was implemented in the year 1405 AH for the five majors, and through this long procession, the college's efforts and bids were made for its employees to develop the curricula and support the students to reach the college's desired goals.

The college is the first scientific incubator that includes a group of female graduate students and university research. Postgraduate studies began with enrollment first in the diploma of specialization and then the master's in 1397 AH, and enrollment in the doctorate began in 1404 AH. These scientific incubators resulted in many researches in all scientific and educational disciplines, and the college is still represented. The College of Science is currently continuing its achievements in the field of scientific publishing and pioneering research and graduating distinguished students who participate in the strongest scientific forums and serve the labor market

Many programs have been introduced in the college, including, but not limited to, the Medical Physics Program, the Environmental Sciences Program at the Bachelor's level, and the Energy and Innovation Program at the Master's stage, and we strive to be the first College of Science. At the level of science faculties in the research and academic field for female students and affiliates at the local and international levels.​

​Dr. Fatemah H Alkallas.      

Dean of College of Science.