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Science Club Plan for the Academic Year 1443 AH

First semester:

Sr. No.Activity typeEvent nameDate of ExecutionPathway
1CeremonyLighthouse Nora for new students22-25/01/1443 AH for 4 yearsScience Club
2CeremonySaudi National Day 9127-282021/9/Science Club
3WorkshopPlant it to enjoy it (gardening)05/10/ 2021Biology Pathway
4Training courseGrow it to enjoy it (plant tissue culture technique)04/03/ 1443 AHBiology Pathway
5Training courseRadiation and life11/10/ 2021Physics Pathway
6Training courseSolar Cell Applications10/10/ 2021Physics Pathway
7WorkshopGreen Chemistry11/10/ 2021Chemistry course
8Training courseNanometer Sensors13/10/ 2021Nano Pathway
9ExhibitionWorld Mental Health Day13/10/ 2021Science Club
10Training coursePreparation of nanocomposites with biological effect14/03/ 1443 AHNano Pathway
11ExhibitionWorld Poverty Day20/03/ 1443 AHScience Club
12ExhibitionWorld Traffic Safety Day03/04/ 1443 AHScience Club

The seventh anniversary of the pledge of allegiance to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques

Green Middle East Initiative

Thursday, 13/04/ 1443 AHScience Club
14WorkshopMathematics around us141443/4/ AHMathematical Sciences Pathway


Second Semester:

Sr. No.Activity typeEvent nameDate of ExecutionPathway


(Arabic and Civilized Communication)

16/06/ 1443 AHScience Club
2ExhibitionSaudi Founding Day26/07/ 1443 AHScience Club
3Training courseBiotech colors02/03/2022Biology Pathway
4WorkshopMathematical model of epidemic transmission29-30/7/ 1443 AHMathematical Sciences Pathway
5ExhibitionInternational Women's Day (Vision's Leaders)08/03/ 22022Science Club
6ExhibitionInternational Day of Happiness222022/3/Science Club
7Training courseNano applications in the fields of water, chemistry and biosensors20/03/ 2022Nano Pathway
8Training courseInfection control24/03/ 2022Biology Pathway
9Training courseGene therapy as an application of red biotechnology271443/8/ AHBiology Pathway

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