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About the Department

The Department of Physics was established to be one of the departments in College of Science at Princess Nourah University in 1428 A.H. After it was a part of College of Education and Basic Sciences Departments in 1390 A.H. The Physics Department has set a new academic plan which aims to prepare scientific specialists to contribute in labor market to serve the community. After a student finishes all the academic requirements, (131) academic credit unit, she will obtain a Bachelor of scientific degree in physics. 
The department accepts about 200 new students annually, and totally 1000 students in this major were supervised and taught by 40 of the faculty in both Experimental and Theoretical Physics, as well as several lecturers, teaching assistants, and laboratory technician, in addition to many laboratories equipped with the latest scientific equipment. 

The Department’s vision: 
Excellence in preparing national competencies in the field of physics scientifically and in research to meet the market's needs. 

Qualifying women scientifically and professionally to be specialists in the field of physics by providing distinct academic programs per quality standards and market's needs. 

1. Equip students with knowledge and skills in the field of physics and its branches in which allows them to complete studying and understand the newest trends in the field. 
2. Contribute in enriching knowledge and preparing scientifically and professionally specialists' competencies to keep abreast with the quick advancing in sciences and technology, as well as contribute in solving the community’s issues.
3. Offer a distinct research environment to conduct scientific and applied researches that serves the community and the environment. 
4. Communicate with the community to meet its needs to help achieving the country's development plans. 
5. Enhance the local and global partnerships and agreements to exchange the knowledge and support the joint research. 

Degrees awarded by the College (Department):
Bachelor of scientific degree in physics.

Studying system:

Full time student​