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College of Social Work organizes a training course entitled (Artificial Intelligence)

Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, represented by College of Social Work, in partnership with the Family Education Center has recently organized a training course entitled (Artificial Intelligence) provided by the trainer Al-Shaimaa Mutee Al-Masri in the Family Education Center in the College's “Dialogue Café".

 The course aims at introducing students to artificial intelligence, its uses and educating them about the trends of the future of technology and modern technology.

 Among the most important themes presented were the concept of artificial intelligence, medical and educational uses of artificial intelligence, and the relationship of artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things.

 The trainer Al-Shaimaa explained the concept of artificial intelligence, which is the ability to represent accounting models of a field of life and determine the basic relationships between its elements, and then develop reactions that are commensurate with the events and positions of this area. The trainer also discussed the uses of artificial intelligence in the development of computer applications in medical diagnosis in clinics and hospitals and the development of search mechanism on the computer via the Internet. In addition to the development of cognitive simulation by using computers to test theories on how the human mind works and functions such as recognition of familiar faces and memory activation Inventing vehicles and aircraft that can operate alone without a pilot. In addition to developing video games that are more detailed and simulate reality than older games, as well as developing applications for learning different languages, by responding to some questions with pre-programmed answers.

 It is worth noting that the training courses organized by College of Social Work, as a part of the program of “My family" in the Center for Family Education, which aims to provide specialized and distinct programs on scientific and professional bases for the inpidual and the family in the psychological and social fields. As this delineates the message of Princess Nourah University respecting the need to strengthen its role in activating the National Transformation Plan 2030, which the University considers a qualitative breakthrough towards a bright kingdom, and an initiative from its part in activating the community partnership.


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