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Academic Advising


Academic Advising

     Duties of Academic Advising Unit

​          1.      Acting as a link between the college and the Deanship of Admission and Registration.

          2.      Supervising the academic advising process following the approved procedures.

          3.      Receiving a list of the new students' names from the Deanship at the beginning of each semester to link them with their academic advisors.

         4.      Organize orientation meeting for new students in the first week of each semester, and notify them about academic information and procedures at (Manarat      Noura).

          5.      Introduce students to specialization, study hours, job profiles, and entities they can enroll in after graduation.

          6.      Correct the academic status of students through electronic matching.

          7.      Organize a periodic meeting with the advising coordinators to follow up on the progress of the advising process.

          8.      Review advising coordinators' opinions to develop the academic advising process in the college and work with the College Dean to overcome any obstacles.

          9.      Arrange courses, lectures and workshops for members and students' progress.

         10.  Prepare reports each semester on the college advising process and submit them to the Deanship of Admission and Registration.

         11.  Nominate a coordinator for struggling students in each department and follow up on their situation in coordination with the committee members.

         12.  Spread the culture of academic advising in the college.

         13.  Clarify and announce the academic procedures for students.

         14.  Follow up with the advising coordinators on activating academic advising in the departments.

         15.  Put into work the academic advising process in the college during the early registration period.

         16.  Set up platforms for advising at the college hall and educational departments.

         17.  Make up electronic kits for students and advisors.

         18.  Provide the Academic Advising Unit at the Deanship of Admission and Registration with a quarterly report on the progress of the academic advising process.

         19.  Create an introductory card about academic advising for new students and a barcode in the advisory kit.


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