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Administrative&Financial Affairs Administration


                    ​Units affiliated to the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department

       Financial affairs unit:

               -Organizing financial business in the college

               - Communicating with the financial department in men's management and solving employee problems

               -Follow-up of advances, receipt and disbursement of them according to the controls

               -Renting lockers for female students

               - Solve exchange card problems with the bank and properly direct female students inquiries

               -Closing the annual budget.

​       Administrative Communications Unit:

                -Receive incoming transactions and register them in the system. 

                - Send the issued transactions to the concerned authorities.

                - Carry out electronic survey of incoming and outgoing transactions.

                - Keeping outgoing and paper incoming transactions in the library's archive.

               -Distribution of transactions received by departments.

               - Archive and index issued transactions.

       Human Resources Unit (Admin):

         - Determine the regulations and work systems.

         - Control the attendance and departure of female employees, and submit reports and delays to the General Department of Human Resources.

         - Lifting public and private letters to female employees.

         - Follow up on everything related to members of the educational staff, including    

          -Solve some problems facing members and maintain the relationship between female employees in general

           - Follow-up to the evaluation of female employees​

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