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Program Admission Requirements

  • Requirements for admission to the program: 

  •           - The student must have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  •           - The student must not have obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent for a period of more than five years. However, the University      board can exclude from this condition if the reasons are available. 
  •           -The student must be a good conduct and behavior.
  •           -The student must be medically fit.
  •           -The student must obtain approval from the employer if she works in any government or private agency.
  •           - The student must fulfill any other conditions specified by the University board and announce the time of application according to the higher            - education regulations.One of the admission requirements for the college and the Social Work Program is that the student is from the    scientific department and her cumulative average is not less than 3.75.
  •                                              1/ Health safety and disease free.
  •                                              2/ Emotional and psychological equilibrium.
  •                                             3/ The ability to interact with others.
  •                                             4/ The availability of the minimum required qualities for a social worker.
  •         Internal transfer from one major to another within the university:
  •                           It is academic movement established by the university for the student when she cannot complete her scientific career in the major which she was accepted for academic reasons or not appropriate to her tendencies and failure to fulfill the conditions at the time of assignment:
     The transfer request is submitted throw a link (available only in the period specified in the university calendar) on the university's website and no requests will be accepted except only throw the link.

            Transfer controls from college to another:
  •         1 / The student must commit to the stated transfer dates and no transfer request outside the specified period will be considered (University calendar).
  •         2/ The student has the right to request a transfer after completing a semester (at least) in the major in which she was accepted in.
  •         3/The student is entitled to transfer only once during her university career.
  •         4/ The comparison between applicants for the transfer is made according to the available seats and the conditions of the colleges. 
  •         5/ Sorting is done according to the first desire and then the second according to the fulfillment of the conditions.
  •         6/When there is no desire to transfer except for one desire, the student should not register the other wishes.
  •         7/Applications are sorted after the final tests are completed and the cumulative rates are calculated.
  •         8/Applying for a transfer does not mean accepting the application.
  •         9/ The student must follow her account to know the implementation of the transfer.
  •         10/ Passing the interview.
  •        Students who are not entitled to transfer 
  1. - The transfer terms for the required specialty have not been met.
  2. - The student has not studied in the major in which she was accepted in.
  3. - The student did not submit the application within the specified period.
  4. - Academically or disciplinary dismissed.
  5. - Termination of service.
  6. - Whoever completes the fourth level in the bachelor's or the third level in the diploma.
  7. - Whoever previously transferred.
  8. - Transferred from outside the university.
  9. - Suspended from studying.

    The equation after the inter-college transfer:
  10. 1. All the hours that was taught to the student are included in the CGPA.
  11. 2. The university requirements (courses shared by all university students, regardless of college) are automatically equated from the academic system, and without the need for a request from the student.
  12. 3. The specialization courses taught by the student in her specialization transferred from it and the conformity to the courses in the specialization transferred to are automatically equated when they are with the same symbol and name or they are equivalent to the courses in the specialization transferred to.
  13. 4. The additional and different courses names are equivalent according to what is received from the Educational Affairs Agency in the university.
  14. 5. A portion of the hours that are not equivalent to the new specialization are calculated as free hours according to the student's transfer program.
  15. 6. The transferred student must review her academic guidance in her new specialization to follow the equivalence of her courses and register the appropriate courses.
  16. 7. The student is fully responsible for completing the graduation requirements, according to the plan in which she was registered in the specialization she was transferred to.
  •        Regular period: The student's study semesters in her previous major are calculated from the regular period necessary for graduation.
  •        Honors degree: The failing courses for the student are calculated before the transfer when the honor is calculated.
  •        Rewards: student's reward is calculated from the first semester she was admitted to the university, according to the university's rewards system.




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