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Program Admission Requirements

Program Admission Requirements

You must meet the following requirements:

1. Have obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent in the past five years (the University Council may make an exception to this requirement if justified)

2. Provide a certificate of good conduct

3. Be medically and physically fit and emotionally stable

4. If you work for any government or private agency, you must have obtained employer approval

5. Have fulfilled any other relevant conditions stated by the University Council and announced at the time of application, in accordance with the regulations of the Council of Higher Education

6. If you are joining the Department of Social Work from another department, you must be from a science department and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75

8. Possess the ability to interact and communicate effectively with others

An internal transfer is an academic process offered by the university to allow students to change their majors when they cannot pursue their studies in the department they are currently enrolled in. This can be due to academic difficulties, failure to fulfill the required conditions or personal preference.

Application Dates

Applications are accepted via a link on the university website that will only be available during the period assigned in the academic calendar. No other applications will be accepted.

Internal Transfer Procedures 

1. Applications should be provided within the period specified in the university calendar and on the website. No applications are reviewed past the deadline.

2. You may apply for a transfer after completing at least one academic semester in the major you are enrolled in.

3. You may apply for a transfer only once during the course of your academic study period.

4. Transfer approval is dependent on availability of seats and fulfillment of the college’s criteria and requirements.

5. Applications are reviewed by taking into account the first desired major and then the second, if the relevant criteria are met.

6. If you wish to transfer to one major only, no other majors should be indicated.

7. Applications are reviewed after the end of final exams and once GPAs are calculated.

8. Applying for transfer does not mean the request will be automatically approved.

9. You should access your academic system portal to view your application status.

10. You are also required to pass a personal interview.

Students That Are Not Allowed to Transfer

1. You have not fulfilled the transfer requirements.

2. You did not study in the major you are enrolled in.

3. You missed the application deadline.

4. You have been dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons.

5. You have been expelled from the university.

6. You have completed level 4 in a bachelor’s program or level 3 in a diploma program. 

7. You have already been transferred.

8. You have transferred from another university.

9. You are suspended from the university.

Course Equivalency After Internal Transfer Between Colleges

1. All of the hours you have studied are included in your cumulative GPA.

2. Equivalencies of university requirements (courses shared by all university students regardless of the college) are entered on the academic system automatically, without the need for a request.

3. Equivalencies of the specialized courses that you have studied in the major you transferred from that are equivalent to the courses in the major transferred to are automatically entered when they share the same course code and name or when they are equivalent to courses in the major transferred to.

4. Equivalencies for other courses and those with different names are entered under the direction of the university’s vice rectorate for educational and academic affairs.

5. Other hours that are not equivalent are considered free hours in the new program you are transferring to.

6. After being transferred, you should meet with your academic advisor in your new major to follow up on course equivalencies and to register for other courses.

7. You are fully responsible for completing the graduation requirements of the major you transferred to.

Your study semesters in your previous major are considered part of the standard study period required for graduation.

Honors Degree

Failed courses prior to transfer are taken into consideration when calculating the honors degree.

Student Monthly Allowance

Your monthly allowance is calculated from the first semester in which you were admitted to the university, pursuant to the university’s policies.