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Program Graduate Career Opportunities


     Professions/ jobs that students will be qualified for:

     Career opportunities according to the classification of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development

              ​1.       Student controller/ Education jobs

              2.       Student advisor/ Education jobs

              3.       Research assistant for student affairs/ Education jobs

              4.       Researcher and specialist of student affairs / Education jobs

              5.       Elections affairs researcher/Local administration jobs

              6.       Researcher and specialist of municipal councils / Local administration jobs

             7.       Cases assistant researcher / Sharia, legal and regulatory consultation jobs

             8.       Cases researcher / Sharia, legal and regulatory consultation jobs

             9.       Youth welfare and development researcher / Sports affairs and youth welfare jobs

          10.    Youth welfare and development supervisor / Sports affairs and youth welfare jobs

          11.    Social security researcher/Social affairs jobs

          12.    Social research assistant/Social affairs jobs

          13.    Social researcher/Social affairs jobs

          14.    Social supervisor/Social affairs jobs

          15.    Social controller/ Social affairs jobs

          16.    Nursemaid/ Social affairs jobs

          17.    Housing supervisor/social affairs jobs

          18.    Housing controller/Social affairs jobs

          19.    Social development assistant researcher/Social affairs jobs

          20.    Social development researcher/Social affairs jobs

          21.    Assistant supervisor of Social development /Social affairs jobs

          22.    Social development supervisor/Social affairs jobs

          23.    Assistant reformer/associate judicial jobs

          24.    Family counseling and guidance specialist / Religious jobs


      Career Opportunities in the Private Sector:

          1.       Social worker in all institutions for people with special needs

          2.       social worker in all family and childhood care institutions

          3.       Social worker in: hospitals and health centers (primary health care centers), mental health hospitals and mental health clinics, addiction treatment hospitals            (alcohol/drugs), government and private hospitals

          4.       Social worker in charities working in the field of development