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College Library

        The Library of the College of Social Work was established in 1977, when the college was named the Higher Institute of Social Work for Girls in Riyadh. Since then, the library has played a key role in meeting the needs of the educational process for students in the college. Its services extend to researchers from outside the university, in order to achieve cooperation with other universities. The library contains scientific encyclopedias, M.A and Ph.D. theses, scientific conference proceedings and Arabic and foreign references, as well as over 950 foreign reference books and about 13,200 Arabic reference books. It also contains students' research projects, which is one of the students' requirements for graduation. 

Library Objectives

1. Educating students about the importance of university textbooks

2. Helping students self-learn

3. Providing information services to students and faculty members

4. Photocopying the information students need in accordance with the conditions of the library

5. Disseminating research projects for students in the library and supporting their use        

  6. Providing sources of human and social knowledge to the various disciplines at the college

  7. Facilitating access to information services for students

  8. Providing services to support scientific research

  9. Achieving cooperation between the college and other colleges inside and outside the university

Library Services of the College of Social Work:

- Reference services

- Remote information services

- Automated in​dexing services 

- Computer and internet services

- Loan services 

- Photocopying service

- Student assistance

- Providing space for training courses, reading and studying

   ​  Library location and Contact Information

Building no. (130)

First floor hall no. (1.100)

Second floor hall no. (2.100)


Phone: (011-8236941) / (011-8237165)