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Research Priorities

1. Research on the social impacts of the media, including the following topics:

- The impact of social media on social communication

- Methods of dealing with rumors in the media

2. Research on corruption and integrity, including the following topics:

- The impact of improving the living conditions of government employees on limiting the spread of corruption in government institutions

- Promoting the value of integrity ​​among employees in community institutions

3. Research on family and youths, including the following topics:

- Consumer culture among Saudi families

- Poverty in Saudi society

- Combating smoking in Saudi society

- Causes of late marriage among Saudi youths

- The problem of divorce in Saudi society

- The social factors associated with “car drifting” in the Saudi society

- The problem of drug addiction in Saudi society

- Intellectual perversion among young people in Saudi society

4. Research on citizenship, including the following topics:

- Principles of national unity among members of Saudi society

- Loyalty and belonging in Saudi society

- Intolerance in Saudi society

5. Research on university education and scholarships, including the following topics:

- The role of Saudi universities in developing students’ personality

- The social problems facing male and female students abroad

 - Difficulties in social work education and practice

6. Research on careers and professional qualifications, including the following topics:

- Saudization programs in Saudi society

- Unemployment in Saudi society

- The reluctance of young people to work in craftmanship jobs in Saudi society

- Working with people with special needs, such as the handicapped, the gifted and the elderly