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Dialogue Café

Dialogue Café

The Dialogue Café was established in 2014 by the former dean of the College of Social Work, Dr. Jamila Al-laboon. The College of Social Work is one of the university's colleges that seeks to develop students academically, socially and professionally. Hence, the idea of establishing a Dialogue Café was born out of the desire to promote a culture of constructive dialogue and behaviour among students and to make this an integral part of their lives. The Dialogue Café seeks to be a platform to deal with various issues, especially since modern society requires the values of citizenship, belonging and effective dialogue.

The Dialogue Café also aims to provide specialized scientific and professional services that develop the potential and skills of students, raise their awareness about social issues and protect them from the difficulties and obstacles they may face in their lives.

The Dialogue Café is committed to providing an integrated university environment for students to develop their talents and abilities through effective dialogue, in order to produce citizens who are aware of their rights, duties and role in building a society with a sense of loyalty, belonging and creativity. 

As part of the social work specialization’s commitment to encouraging students to participate in on-campus activities that will benefit them in their lives off campus, the Dialogue Café hosts training courses and talks conducted by trained and certified students. The Dialogue Café aims to develop students’ decision-making skills and support constructive dialogue through participation in student councils, the Student Rights Unit and other resources that are offered for the benefit of students. It also seeks to transform students from being influenced to being influencers through cooperation with neighborhood social development centers and special training centers.

Another goal of the Dialogue Café is to establish a number of successful partnerships with community institutions. This was accomplished through a memorandum of understanding with the Asia Society, through which a number of successful interactive programs were delivered at the Dialogue Café, and a memorandum of understanding with the Osrah Society, through which the Family Education Centre provided a range of its services, including training courses, talks and legal, social and psychological consultations. 

Dialogue Café Corners:

  1. Dialogue Corner: holds open discussion sessions on various topics for students and faculty members

  2. Silent Reading Corner: provides a number of interesting cultural books in the fields of Arabic literature and self-development

  3. Research and Study Corner: provides suitable areas designated for studying and conducting research required for university study

Areas Covered During the Dialogue Café Sessions

- Self-development: therapeutic topics that aim to refine and develop students’ personality and skills 

- Intellectual awareness: topics of belonging and patriotism through Vision 2030, strengthening the intellectual security of society and building a conscious generation that refuses stray ideologies

- Entrepreneurship and economic development: topics that aim to develop students’ budget management skills and increase their income in accordance with Vision 2030

- The professional field: topics that aim to qualify students for the labor market in line with current needs and in accordance with Vision 2030

- Volunteering: topics that aim to encourage students to volunteer in community service and guide them to various fields of volunteering

- Security and safety: topics that aim to increase the awareness of students and administrative employees regarding methods of security and safety, and how they can be used in practical ways to manage risks and crises

 - Preparation for university life: topics that aim to prepare new students for university life and protect them from any problems they might encounter

 - University specialization: topics that aim to develop students’ skills in their field of specialization

- Religious counseling: topics of an educational, preventive and therapeutic nature that aim to teach religious moderation and educate students about the true Islamic religious teachings

- Administrative staff: topics that seek to develop the personal and practical skills of the administrative employees at the university

Social Accomplishments of the Dialogue Café:

Establishment of a team, the Friends of the Dialogue Café, to do volunteer work, including:

- Visiting an orphanage and offering a recreational-educational program for orphans

- Volunteering to organize training courses, ceremonies and forums within the university

- Volunteering to organize programs for the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue

- Volunteering at social development centers in neighborhoods affiliated with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development

     Statistics of the Dialogue Café since its opening:

​Year Number of sessionsNumber of sessions participantsNumber of visitorsTotal of beneficiaries