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Future's Quartets Center

          Future's Quartets Center

                               It aims to partner and cooperate to provide various training programs to establish and acquire graduate's life skills and prepare them for the labor market and build a future CV with certified certificates and the needs of graduates in addition to education and community contribution with the educational sectors in terms of training.

          Partnership objectives:

                    - Establishing and acquiring the skills of life and qualifying graduates for the job market

                    - Building a future CV with certified certificates.

                    - Completing the needs of graduates in addition to education.

                    - Community contribution with the educational sectors in terms of training.

​          Vision :

           Reaching training leadership through: evaluation, training, mentoring, and following up.

   In Future's Quartets training, we believe that training starts from assessing the individual's skills, qualities and studying his needs to work on a training plan in line with the goals of the partner, for training on specialized skills at work, and directing towards the right professional path, and we do not lose sight that following up is the real measurement of the training effect.


                       Achieving leadership in providing pioneering services, depending on the job market, current affairs, and the national vision.

Providing high-quality services, with an experienced Saudi team hands which in the subject matter of submission.

Success lies in changing for the better, we are keen on building bridges of communication with customers and are proud of them, and this represented by product quality and outstanding customer service.

                          Training Institute website:

                   Certified by the Foundation of technical and vocational training

                  Ministry of education

                 The National Company for Training and Education Technologies

                  Scottish Computer Authority

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         Report of the Future's Quartets for the courses held at the Faculty of Service for the first semester of the academic year 1441 AH

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