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​ ​- Supervise the units affiliated to student affairs.

- Oversee works of Student Affairs and extra-curricular activities office.

- Supervise the Courses Equivalence Committee.

- Supervise applications of study postponement and excuses as well as processes of cancellation and addition of undergraduate students in accordance with the regulations and resolutions issued in this regard.

- Oversee the preparation of lists of deprivation, interruption and graduates, approval of the same and reporting in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.

- Supervise the Academic Counseling Unit within the College and identify the academic mentors for students.

- Supervise activities of the induction week at the College.

- Guide and counsel students and resolve the issues relative to the academic achievement.

- Supervise Psychological and Social Counseling and Guidance Units as well as the performance of social workers.

- Oversee and follow up of obtaining permits to enter requirements of activities and campaigns to the college.

- Supervise graduates office and coordinate the closing ceremony.

- Execute the works assigned by Dean of the College.

- Oversee and follow up the work of the disciplinary committee within the college and application of the penalties stipulated in the regulation.

- Follow-up of students' absence for the semester in accordance with the rules and regulations in force.

- Supervise applications for extension, re-registration and alternative exams in accordance with the regulations governing the same.

- Issuance of the internal resolutions required by progress of work within the Vice-Rectorate as well as its units in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.

- Evaluate the performance of Vice-Rectorates' employees and approve regular and medical leave for them.​

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