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Chair and Research Center​  

      1/Volunteer chair

                        Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Zanan Chair for Voluntary Work

      the chair vision:

   Pioneering research, consulting and training services that are specialized in the areas of volunteer work studies that combine scientific      competence and professional excellence

     the chair Mission :

   Deepening the concept of voluntary work and activating it on the scientific level among members of society through studied programs aimed      at  raising the level of quality of life for citizens

     the chair objectives:

     -Promote volunteering in Saudi society in line with Vision 2030, which stipulates raising the number of volunteers to one million volunteers annually

     -Studies and research procedures related to evaluating volunteer work programs, and developing innovative volunteering initiatives and non-traditional programs

     -Determining the necessary priorities for the needs of the community members in the programs and projects through conducting scientific, theoretical and field studies

     -Providing consultations and studies within his field of specialization to all governmental and private sectors in exchange for financial financing for the benefit of the Chair

     -Organizing scientific conferences, symposia and panel discussions related to volunteering

     -Organizing scientific conferences, symposia, and symposia for volunteer work

​      2/Research Center:   College of Social Work Research Center

       The establishment of the center:

        The Research Center for the College of Social Work was established by the decision of the Rector of Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman Administrative University  on the date of 10/1/1435 AH and work has started on it from its date

     Center's vision:

        Excellence in conducting social research that interacts with community and local and international problems

     Center's Mission:

         Creating a stimulating research environment for researchers from members of the educational body with their support to conduct and publish outstanding research in various social fields, to spread scientific knowledge and experience through scientific meetings, and to contribute to the use of scientific research in addressing social problems and participating in the process of sustainable development, community service and the environment

     Center's objectives :

1/ Attention to scientific research in the social fields is achieved through:

- Motivating researchers and encouraging them to scientific research and overcome its obstacles.

-Supporting research projects according to the regulations and regulations of the Deanship of Scientific Research.

-Publishing scientific theses.

-Publishing scientific and study books.

-Arbitration of research projects submitted to the center.

-Providing scientific and research assistance and advice to researchers and graduate students

 2/ Attention to scientific meetings in the social fields, and this is achieved through:

Providing special programs to serve the community, through organizing a number of scientific activities such as meetings, conferences, seminars and specialized lectures in the areas of concern to the center.

Contribute to developing skills for research cadres through training programs by holding workshops and specialized training courses in the areas of concern to the center

3/ Providing scientific consultations "the field of scientific research" and exchanging knowledge experiences with societal institutions, and this is achieved through: (charitable institutions and societies - schools - hospitals - social institutions related to the social field of the (Ministry of Labor and Social Development - Ministry of Education - Ministry of Health)

-Providing scientific advice to governmental and private institutions.

-Establishing scientific partnerships with scientific research centers internally and externally.

-Exchanging visits with the corresponding research centers and institutions.

-Contribute to the training of social workers in the use of modern scientific and technical -methods and their education and raise their research and scientific competence in various areas of social welfare

    Center's members:

structure.JPG الابحاث.PNG 

      ​Graduate Studies Unit:

     -Make an annual development plan for the Postgraduate Studies Office.

     - Reviewing and submitting special transactions for members of the educational body to: (Transactions of the Secretariat of the Scientific Council - Scholarship Administration)

     - Follow-up transactions, full-time scientific and scientific communication for college staff.

     -Attracting faculty and researchers (visiting professor)

     - Postgraduate program (Master of Social Work "clinical pathway")

     -Supervising the registration of postgraduate studies according to the conditions required for postgraduate studies.

     -Supervising the course of studies for postgraduate students and addressing the problems that they may face.

     -Supervising the identification of graduate studies and scientific research needs of the workforce, equipment and materials and following up on their provision.

     -Preparing periodic reports on the activities of graduate studies and scientific research, its achievements and proposals for its development and submission to the dean of the college.

     - Preparing executive and annual plans for graduate studies, research the scientific in the college and follow up on its implementation after its approval.

     -Supervising the preparation of the research plan in the college in coordination with the academic departments and with the Deanship of Scientific Research at the university and following up its implementation after its approval.

     -Providing the library with books, courses, publications and educational materials.

     - Introducing the teaching and administrative staff and the new students to the library.

     -Organizing the library and arranging books to facilitate the beneficiaries.

     -Supervising the identification of the scientific library needs of different information vessels and following up on their provision.

      - Ensure that the library is ready at the beginning of each year.

      -Establishing development courses for the library staff

     ​Learning Resources Unit

           the library:

                          It is a scientific, cultural and educational social institution that provides information and office services to facilitate research and retrieval methods.


                        Leadership among academic libraries to build an interactive knowledge environment.


                        Promoting society through providing an interactive, qualified knowledge environment that meets the information needs to contribute to the success of society and supports scientific research to achieve the university's vision of excellence locally, regionally and globally

          Main objectives :

              1- Supporting the educational process

               2- Excellence in research and development programs  

              3- Investing specialized human resources

             4- Providing information sources in various specializations in the service of society

             5- Using technology to facilitate access to information sources

        Office environment:

           It was approved according to the academic and institutional accreditation requirements to include the following office equipment:

           (Reference books - shelves - retreats - classrooms and discussion rooms - reading and reading tables - technical devices from a computer and devices     serving the symphony system)

​      Scholarship unit

          -Follow up scholarships by the Academic Guides at the faculty.

         - Follow up on scholarship transactions for a request (scholarship, extension, transfer, end of scholarship).

       - Making an electronic and paper database with scholarships outside and inside the Kingdom.

     Innovation Unit:

              The innovation unit in the college seeks to link the students of the College of Social Service to the innovation unit of the university agency for student services to understand everything related to research and innovation through training

  Guidance and support in an effort to transform the student community into a research and innovative community, and then to turn ideas into research and products to benefit from.

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