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- Oversee the educational process and address the difficulties that hinder its march.
  • Coordinate with Students Affairs Vice-Rectorate to tackle students' problems.
  • Coordinate between educational departments to cover the teaching quota of a faculty member and to fill the deficit, if any.
  • Conduct personal interviews with contracting members and assistants.
  • Approve study schedules and follow-up its preparation according to the needs.
  • Collaborate with other colleges to meet the needs in teaching of general courses, as well as joint and independent courses.
  • Review study plans and recommendations of the departments on the equivalence of curricula and filing them to the competent body.
  • Report to the competent bodies within the university to approve equivalences in the curriculum and address the situations of students when study plans vary.
  • Communicate with the relevant external bodies to receive students and supervise practical training.
  • Develop executive regulations and rules that govern unit's workflow within the College.
  • Approve the teaching quota and academic schedules for the faculty members before the start of the semester.
  • Prepare for the College Council and receiving topics that require approval from the Council as well as reviewing the documents required for each action.
  • - I​dentify human and financial needs and present them to the competent authority for consideration and approval.
  • Nominate candidature members for administrative positions amongst faculty within the College.
  • Prepare exam schedules for all levels upon preparing the schedule for each semester.
  • Form examination committees and the members involved in conducting the relative tasks.
  • Supervise examination period (completion of courses/ monitoring/ committees/ correction of tests/ results).
  • Oversee the examinations conducted within the college and participation of all concerned members for the success of it without obstacles.
  • Tackle complaints submitted by members and students and try to address the same as well as finding appropriate solutions.
  • Report and approve the disbursement requests of quota increase for the faculty members.
  • Recommend the submission of service extension requests or early retirement.
  • Recommend filing of resignation requests or contract termination.
  • Collect and review the teaching burden shouldered by faculty members and the like.
  • Collect and review the professional performance of heads of the departments and the faculty members and the like.
  • Follow-up of incoming email and respond to incoming letters and circulars.
  • Prepare the annual reports.​

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