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Tuition Fees-based Diploma



  • Study system in the program:

    Providing an opportunity to learn the Arabic language for non-Arab women who are not covered by the external and internal scholarship system, by paying specific fees.

    Program admission requirements:

    1. The applicant must have a high school diploma or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom.

    2. To hold a valid legal residency

    3. The age of the female student should not be less than 17 years

    Documents required to enroll in the program:

    1. A copy of the high school certificate and transcript, with the necessity to attach the equivalence and translation if it is issued in a language other than Arabic.
    2. A copy of the applicant's valid residence permit.
    3. A copy of the applicant's valid passport.

      Program registration mechanism:
    1. Registration for the diploma with a fee by attending the institute and submitting the required documents and payment receipts.
    2. Fill out the application form and issue a temporary university card until the issuance of a university number for the student.
    3. Submit the required documents, if accepted.
    4. Pay the registration fees through the official bank account of the institute, with the need to print the receipt.

      * After checking and matching the secondary certificate and the required official papers, the student is handed a university card and then directed to the Vice-Rectorate for Educational Affairs at the Institute for a placement test.
      * The student is informed of the test result.
      * Pay the semester fees through the official bank account of the institute with the need to print the receipt and complete the documents required to obtain final admission.
      * The total cost of studying the diploma in full (16.950): Sixteen thousand nine hundred and fifty Saudi riyals only, meaning that one semester costs (4200) four thousand two hundred Saudi riyals.
      These fees include the student's participation in the student activities held by the institute, training courses, etc., in terms of public events and activities.

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