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Graduates Unit

Definition and Roles:


It is a unit concerned with following up the affairs of graduates and providing them with the best services through continuous communication and the constant updating of their database, and poll their opinions on the services provided to them. As well as the difficulties they face, and trying to overcome those difficulties, in addition to contributing to developing their skills and employing those skills in various programs and courses.



1.    Support the relationship and cement relations and ties between the Institute's graduates.

2.    Follow up on the conditions of graduates' professional and personal affairs.

3.    Create a database and information on the graduates of the institute.

4.    Communicate with the graduates through various means of communication, which strengthens the graduate student relationship with the institute.

5.    Invite the graduates of the institute who occupied high-level and leadership positions to contribute to the institute’s development plans.

6.    Invite graduates to participate in various activities.

7.    Provide graduates constantly with whatever is new in their fields of specialization to develop their scientific and professional level and skills.

8.    Motivate graduates and students expected to graduate to participate in the programs offered by the institute and the graduates unit.

9.    Establish a day for graduates on an annual basis, all graduates of one batch are invited to attend as much as possible, in order to link the graduate with her fellow graduate.


Key Roles:


1.    Work on a database for the graduates of each semester since 1435 AH, the second semester and send it to the Postgraduate Studies Department at the end of each semester.

2.    Communicate with the fourth level students continuously, in order to know the skills the students possess.

3.    Communicate with the graduates electronically.

4.    Follow-up of students who went to pilgrimage, and know their opinion about the services provided to pilgrims and their role in guiding pilgrims from their countries.

5.    Statistical work on numbers of graduates since the establishment of the Institute until the current year.

6.    Statistical work on the development of students numbers from the start of activating the program in 1422 AH to the current year.

7.    Statistical work for enrolled institute students.

8.    Organize friendly meetings with the graduates, in preparation for the regular (annual) graduates' meeting.

9.    Develop the program (My language is part of my religion) and the program (With us we communicate).

10.  Statistical work showing the percentage of students who majored after the diploma since 1434 AH the second semester to the current year.

11.  Work on developing the graduates’ database by including their voluntary works as an attachment.

12.  Select representatives for each semester, starting in 1434 AH, to be friends of the unit.

13.  The work of statistics for the first semester graduates, coded, and sent to the Department of Statistics.

14.  Conduct quarterly questionnaires on measuring students’ satisfaction with the institute’s services and other questionnaires to evaluate a faculty member from the students’ point of view.

15.  Upload the works of graduate students to flash memory, whether they are videos or images.

16.  Receive and deliver graduation gowns and invitation cards to graduates.

17.  Prepare graduation documents for graduate students.

18.  Prepare the annual report of the Student Affairs Office.

19.    Follow up on issuing residence numbers and university cards for new students.

20.    Follow up on issuing ATM cards for new students.

21.    Follow-up on all financial matters for students, whether faltering rewards or ATM cards.

22.    Develop a graduates’ magazine that starts in conjunction with the annual (periodic) graduates meeting.

​23.  Create a graduates association and add the association services on the site.

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