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 Alumni Unit:

It focuses on supporting the institute's graduates, continuing to provide them with the best level of service, and maintaining updated records in order to communicate with them regularly. Surveys are conducted to get feedback on the quality of services, and the difficulties that graduates face in order to provide solutions. In addition, this unit contributes to developing the graduates' skills, and employing these skills across various programs and courses.


 1-      Supporting the institute's graduates professionally and personally.

2-      Creating a graduate database.

3-       Inviting the graduates to participate in the institute's activities.

4-      Communicating with the graduates through various means in order to enhance their relationship with the institute.


Registration Unit:

It provides student services during the academic year, including inputting student schedules in the system, and helping students to add/drop courses. It reports cases of students who are denied entry to final examinations. It is also responsible for responding to student and faculty inquiries, and preparing reports and statistics.



Academic Advising Unit:

It provides programs that enable the students to advance academically and vocationally, in addition to strengthening the relationship between non-Arab and Saudi students. These programs include the Language Exchange Program, Intercultural Ambassadors Program, and Peer Support Program.





Guidance and Counseling Unit:

It focuses on overcoming social, psychological and economic obstacles that students encounter during their academic journey.


Community Service Unit:

It offers voluntary initiatives and events that serve the community.


Student Activities Unit:

It offers activities that support the institute's objectives. These activities include:

·         Participating in cultural and scientific forums, held by the university and the institute.

·         Holding training courses and workshops to develop the students' skills in dialogue, diction and discussion.

·         Organizing scientific and cultural trips and visits.

·         Supporting student participation in religious, cultural and sports competitions both locally and internationally, such as memorizing and reciting the Holy Qur'an and Hadiths.  


Student clubs: 

Culture and Nations Club. 

It has two tracks:

1-      Linguistics Track: It focuses on developing the skill of diction.

2-       Dialogue Programs Track: It aims to promote and facilitate dialogue between students.

These programs are as follows:

1-    The Language Exchange Program.

2-    Intercultural Ambassadors Program.



Sports Activity Unit:

It seeks to sponsor, support and develop sports at the institute, and to promote local, regional and international sports participation.


1-      Creating an appropriate environment for students to develop their skills and abilities, and to then share those experiences. 

2-      Providing various sports activities that meet the students' desires and needs, by applying the best and latest methods.

3-       Encouraging the institute's most promising students to join the institute's sports teams, and then supporting their representation of the university in competitions at local, regional and international levels.


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