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Instructions for the Sports Club

1.       Adherence to the official working hours of the club.

2.       Show good morals inside the club.

3.       Abide by swimming pools’ timings for children and adults alike.

4.       Stick to the respectful sports uniform.

5.       Suspension of sports activities during prayer times.

6.       Maintain sporting tools and equipment as well as returning them to their place after training completion.

7.       Only members of the club are permitted to enter the club provided that membership card is valid.

8.       Preserve membership card and such cards shall only be used by its original holder of the card along with notifying management of the club with no delay in case of its loss.  

9.       Smoking is strictly prohibited in all club facilities.

10.   The club shall not be responsible for loss of personal belongings of the members as there are lockers allocated for such purpose.

11.   Clothes lockers may not be reserved and in case of doing so, they will be cleared from items at the end of each work shift by club management.

12.   Photography within the club is prohibited in all cases.

13.   Children are not allowed to go upstairs in the club.

14.   Inquire about the manner of tools’ operation and the appropriate way of training on them through trainers in charge.

15.   Total commitment to the regulations and instructions of the club.

16.   Having food shall be made inside the club’s cafeteria only.

17.   Non-use of emergency exits except in emergency cases only.



1.       In case of breaching any of the instructions and regulations of the club by any member, he/she will be noticed and warned.

2.       Warning the member in case of repeated violation once again and his/her membership will be suspended for two weeks.

3.       Suspension for one month if the member commits verbal or moral encroachment towards any of the club's members, administrators or coaches.

4.       Membership is to be suspended for six months if the member fails in complying with instructions and regulations of the club.

5.       Club membership shall be terminated if the member undergoes six-month- suspension, while repeating the same violation after membership re-activation.

6.       A member whose membership has been suspended or whose membership has been terminated is entitled to appeal to the club’s resolution within a maximum period of 30 days.

7.       The penalty shall be considered if the management of the club receives written apology as well as the person affected by the violation.

8.       A member who is under penalty shall be prohibited from entering into the club during the period of penalty.

​9.       We wish all members to abide by the instructions issued by the management of the club besides showing good morals, as well as sportsmanship in the course of exercising sports activity.

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