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1.     Documenting the footnote shall be by mentioning (the title of the book, the name of the author, and the part/page) according to the applicable scientific method of the documentation. The researcher documents the references at the end of the research according to the following:


-               If the reference is (a book): (the title of the book. The last name of the author, the first name and other names. The name of the investigator - if any. The statement of the edition, the city of publication: the name of the publisher, the year of publication). Example: The Correct Collector. Al-Tirmidhi, Abu Issa Muhammad. Investigation: Ahmed Muhammad Shaker, and others. 2nd ed., Beirut: Heritage Revival House, 2004 AD.


-               If the reference is (a scientific thesis that has not been printed): (the thesis title. The researcher's last name, then the first name and other names. The type of thesis (Master's/PhD), then the place: the name of the college, then the name of the university, and the year). Example: Yaqoub bin Siba Al-Sadosi, his Effects and his Approach to Jarh and Tadeel. Al-Mutairi, Ali bin Abdullah. Master's Thesis, Saudi Arabia, College of Education, King Saud University, 1418 AH.


-               If the reference is (an article from a journal): (the article title. The author's last name, the first name and other names. The journal's name, place, volume number, (issue number), year of publication, page from p. to p.). Example: Imam Affan bin Muslim Al-Saffar and his Approach to Receiving, Performing and Criticizing. Al-Mutairi, Ali bin Abdullah. Qassim University Journal, Vol. (3), (1), 1431 AH, pp. (35-85).


2.     Adding some abbreviations if there is no indication for them in the reference data, and they are as follows:


- Without a place of publication – NP

- Without the name of the publisher - NP

- Without the edition number - NE

- No Publication Date – ND

 3. The documentation system adopted in the journal for foreign references is the (University of Chicago) system.



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