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About the University’s Vice-Rectorate for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research
The Achievements of the University Vice-Rectorate
Among the achievements of the University Vice-Rectorate and Scientific Research:
1- New Scientific Research Support Program:

* Full-time researchers program.
*Fast-track research funding program.
*Post-publication funding program.

2- Continuous Scientific Research Support Program:

1- Future Women Pioneers Funding Program.
2- Emerging Women Researchers Funding Program.
3- Small Research Projects Funding Program.
4- Medium Research Projects Funding Program.

5- Research Groups Funding Program.
6- Visiting Scholar Program.
7- Fast-track Research Funding Program.
8- Research Funding Program after the Classified Publication.

3- Research Centers:
1. Fifteen research centers affiliated with the faculties: (Science, Engineering, Design and Art,
Management and Business, Social Service, Arts, Pharmacy faculty, Dentistry, Medicine, Health
and Rehabilitation Sciences, Computer Science and Information, Languages, Education,
Association, Nursing)
2. Center for Promising Research in Social Research and Women's Studies.

4- Scientific Journals:
* Journal of Shari'ah Sciences and Arabic Language.
* Journal of Critical Studies in Languages and Literature.

5- Research Chairs:
*Children’s Literature Research Chair.
* Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Zanan Chair for Voluntary Work Research.
*Environmental Pollution Research Chair.
*Women's Cardiovascular Research Chair.

6- Scientific Associations:
1. Saudi Scientific Association for Islamic Studies (Al-Hussna).
2. Saudi Scientific Association for Applied Sciences.
3. Saudi Scientific Association for Child Welfare.
4. Saudi Scientific Association for Psychological Guidance (Rushd).
5. Saudi Scientific Association for Art and Design.
6. Saudi Scientific Association for Dental Education.
7. Preventive Health Association.


* Master's programs

College of Arts (Islamic Studies) Master in Islamic Studies (Creed)
College of Arts (Arabic)   Master's degree in Islamic Studies (Interpretation and Quran Sciences)
 Master's degree in Islamic Studies (Specialization in Jurisprudence)
 Master's degree in Islamic studies (Specialization in Jurisprudence Origins).
 Master's degree in Islamic Studies (Prophetic Sunnah and Sciences)
Master's degree in Islamic Studies (Interpretation and Quran Sciences)
College of Science

Master of Science in Biology in collaboration with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Environmental microbiology and biotechnology.

College of Languages Master of specialized translation from Arabic to English and vice versa.
College of Design and Arts Master of Fashion and Textile Design
College of Social Work

Master of Social Service "Clinical Course"

College of Business Administration

Master of Science in Management and Business in partnership with Dublin City University, Ireland.

College of Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing Sciences in partnership with Dublin City University, Ireland Practice Advanced Nursing Sciences

College of Computer

Master of Science in Computing Sciences in partnership with Dublin City University, Ireland (data analysis)

College of Education

Master of Education in Educational Management (Specialty of Educational Leadership)


Master of Education in Educational Management (specialized in knowledge management of educational institutions).


* Diploma programs

College of Education -Higher diploma in E-learning
 -Higher diploma in Physical Education



8. Automating Vice Rectorate Procedures:

Automation and launch of the electronic system for 16 Vice Rectorate services:

* Scholarships.

* Rewards for research excellence.

* Fast-Track Research Funding.


9. Development of the Executive Rules for the Sectors of the Vice Rectorate:


Examples of regulations that have been developed:


1. The program and forms of the Deanship of Scientific Research (small and medium research projects / research groups / the visiting scholars / emerging researchers / future pioneers).

2. List of the Research Excellence Award.

3. The mechanism for approving the reward for research excellence.

4. Facilitating scientific research support procedures (submission period - arbitration period - reports - amendment of proposals - self-operation).

5. The executive rules for the joint supervision program.

6. Internal and external scholarship regulations, and fellowships programs for health faculties.

7. Regulations for attending conferences and seminars.

8. The executive rules for sabbatical leave and scientific communication.

9. The executive rules for the appointments at the Assistant Professor level.

10. The executive rules regarding promotions.

11. Rules for citation ratios.

12. Standards for the differentiation in appointing female instructors, lecturers, and language teachers. The weight of these standards and the mechanism for screening majors.

13. Standards for extension and transferring, and the weights and forms of those standards.

14. A regulation to reduce the teaching burdens on Saudi faculty members involved in the field of scientific research.

15. A regulation of the Charter of ethics of university councils and committees.

16. Regulations for scholarships of the administrative body.

17. Detailed procedures for the full-time researchers program.

18. The program of Ambassadors of the Deanship of Scientific Research.



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