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About the Vice Rectorate
Origin and Overview


By virtue of the approval of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Prime Minister, and President of the Higher Education Council, the name of the PNU Vice Rectorate of Community Services and Environmental Development was changed to Vice Rectorate of Academic Support and Students' Services, under decree no. 25/71/1433, and directive no. 7385 on 26/2/1433 AH.



     The Vice Rectorate plays a vital role in the preparation of an academic environment suitable for professional achievement. We also strive to develop both academic and non-academic services and student activities to contribute to PNU's efforts to strive towards excellence in all its endeavors, through an educational environment that is attractive, motivational and productive.

     The Vice Rectorate relies on well-prepared plans and development initiatives to achieve PNU's vision and mission to upgrade the level of its outputs by utilizing high-quality technical, financial, human and recreational resources. PNU has adopted a program to attract distinctive students from the Kingdom and elsewhere. Our goal is discovering and nurturing talents, and establishing and developing the students' personal skills by focusing on a variety of special programs. This will enhance students' skills in different fields. We also aim to assist in developing students' clubs, conducting scientific trips, fostering scholarship students, and supporting educationally challenged students. Additionally, we think it is vitally important to help prepare students for the labor market through training and vocational guidance, with the purpose of developing students academically, vocationally, socially, culturally and religiously. PNU seeks to achieve the academic and personal integration of the students. 

     As for the other services provided for students, PNU was keen to establish a unit for protecting students' rights, and centers for guidance and counseling, and to activate the students' council. PNU is also keen on providing services for students with special needs or with special circumstances, as well as scholarship students, providing distinctive housing, nutrition and recreational services for its students.

      PNU also supports its students and graduates in their participation of the national economy through the launch of a special center for leadership and development of women's business initiatives. The aim is to raise the percentage of women participating in the business sector. The services of this center extend to all female citizens. PNU trusts the academic capabilities of its students, and their diverse skills and takes them seriously, because PNU believes that what the students learn during university constitutes a big part of their practical, personal and vocational experiences.​

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