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    General Objective:

Preparing the university's annual budget draft and what it may require of transfers or amendments to its accreditations. Also, launching new businesses or projects according to the rules and regulations.


     Main Tasks:

  1. 1.Preparing the university's budget draft according to the Manual of Government Financial Statistics 2001 (salaries – operating expenses – programs and contracts for operating, maintenance and cleaning - projects).
  2. 2.Preparing data on labor force including faculty members as well as administrative and technical staff.
  3. 3.Preparing a report on the estimated number of university students which covers both the actual and expected numbers.
  4. 4.Preparing the proposed budgets of the new colleges in the five-year plan.
  5. 5.Preparing the needs of the new colleges (the needs of those colleges with respect to faculty members, staff, furniture, and buildings).
  6. 6.Making transfers between budget items and its chapters according to the regulations and powers.
  7. 7.Preparing the disbursement plan for the distribution of items, programs, and projects for the four budget chapters.
  8. 8.Following up on spending from budget items according to the financial appropriations.
  9. 9.Preparing the financial status of all budget items and highlighting the items that need support.
  10. 10.Discussing and studying the submitted budget projects in cooperation with the university bodies before including them in the university's budget project.
  11. 11.Preparing all data and information related to the university's budget project according to the Manual of Government Finance Statistics 2001 in addition to the instructions issued by the Ministry of Finance in this regard.
  12. 12.Discussing the draft budget with the Ministry of Finance by answering any inquiries. Also, providing it with any additional information or clarifications about the project.
  13. 13.Informing the financial allocations for the approved annual budget items, programs, and projects after their issuance to all university bodies.
  14. 14.Participating in the preparation of the university development plans by distributing financial appropriations during the plan years.
  15. 15.Supervising the implementation of licenses and supply contracts.
  16. 16.Following up on the payment of the covenant (the advances) before the end of the fiscal year in coordination with the financial department.

              17.Contributing to closing accounts and preparing final accounts.​