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Vision Objectives


Achieve technological excellence in the performance financial and administrative operations at the University Vice Rectorate. 



1. Provide logistic services (transportation, warehouses, purchasing, financial services, documents, recruitment, and appointments) to PNU employees according to the set administrative systems and by-laws, in cooperation with state authorities. 

2. The continuous upgrade of administrative and financial operations through the automation of systems and procedures and attracting competent cadres to contribute to performance development and advancement. 



1. Quality, competency, and excellence. 

2. Leadership and teamwork.

3. Credibility and transparency in dealings. 

4. Justice and equality in the implementation of rules, regulations, and by-laws. 



1. Organizing work policies and the procedures concerning the use of technological systems in the financial management of the university (10%).

2. Using Government Resource Planning (GRP) in the management of the university, its budget, purchases, and warehouses (30%).

3. Connect with the "Yosr" government program for the safe Saudi network project (GSN). 

4. Central electronic archiving for university documents connected to the National Center (20% annually). 

5. Technological management of transportation traffic throughout the university using GPS. 

6. Establish electronic mechanisms for tracking administrative communications transactions (30% annually). 

7. Implement the contracts management system at the Contracts Unit level (20%). 

8. Attract excellent administrative competencies. 

9. Document all Vice Rectorate tasks in the form of manuals of work, policies, and unified procedures forms. 

10. Gradually develop and strengthen staff competencies throughout the Vice Rectorate, implement work rotations, and encourage self-development. 

11. Promote a suitable work environment and establish the concept of teamwork. 

12. Establish a sound reputation for the Vice Rectorate that complies with PNU's vision and mission by developing and enhancing services. ​

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