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  • It is considered as one of the major departments which is concerned with the registration and control of fixed assets as well as making an inventory and controlling item cards in warehouses and other tasks.
  • Making an inventory of all current fixed assets and delivering each asset as custody of the staff or the department.
  • Registering a new fixed asset and delivering it as custody to the staff or the department by a request of materials exchange (Form No. 7) or a record of receipt (Form No. 3).
  • Registering a custody card (Form No. 8) for each staff member who receives one or more fixed assets.
  • Making a record of transferring custody (one or more assets) between departments or staff members.
  • Transferring the fixed and unused asset to the return warehouse (damaged - good) and dropping the custody from the staff member or the department through a return document.
  • Registering item control cards (Form No. 5) for each warehouse belonging to the university's warehouse department and matching them periodically to what is in the warehouses.
  • Participating in the committees formed to inventory the university's central warehouses and some technical committees.
  • Conducting the necessary studies to determine the suitable levels of storage and to identify the economical quantity of storage in order to avoid shortage or increase in the stored items. The storage levels are:

  1. Minimum level: It is the level at which the stock of the item must remain fixed in the warehouse.
  2. Required level: It is the level of stock at which re-order of the item must remain to supply the warehouse before the stock drops to its minimum level.
  3. Maximum level: It is the stock level of the item exceeding which is considered wasteful storage.​