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     General Objective:

      Providing mobility and transportation services for all administrative units at the university and its faculties according to the rules and                regulations.


      Main Tasks:

  1. 1.Preparing five-year and annual plans of the department activities in addition to following up on their implementation after their approval.
  2. 2.Determining the needs of the university and its faculties of various means of transportation in coordination with the relevant administrative units and following up on their provision.
  3. 3.Managing the mobility of the various means of transportation and fulfilling all the requests of the administrative units for transportation services.
  4. 4.Determining the periodic maintenance programs for transportation means and
  5. following up on their implementation.
  6. 5.Following up on periodic inspections of transportation means and repairing the faults.
  7. 6.Supervising the proper use of transportation means by drivers.
  8. 7.Securing the transportation needs of fuels, oils and other consumables.
  9. 8.Providing insurance for transportation means and following up on finalizing accidents procedures.
  10. 9.Completing and renewing the procedures for driving licenses for transportation means.
  11. 10.Determining the department's needs in terms of labor force, equipment, and materials as well as following up on their implementation.
  12. 11.Determining the training needs for programs nomination that fulfill those needs.
  13. 12.Preparing periodic reports on the department's activities, achievements and proposals for developing them and then submitting that to the general director of administrative and financial affairs.



  1. 1.Transferring the students from their places of residence to the university including university students outside Riyadh such as (Ramah - Al-Amajiyah - Al-Kharj Road - Diriyah - Special Security Forces - Salboukh).
  2. 2.Transferring the students for field training in hospitals, universities, and specialized centers.
  3. 3.Transferring dormitory students and faculty members with contacts to hospitals, medical centers, and markets near the university campus in addition to a (24) hour service for emergencies.
  4. 4.Transferring students, faculty members, and university staff  to attend conferences, seminars, visits as well as participating in events and community service inside and outside the university.
  5. 5.Conducting daily field follow-up of the mobility of cars inside and outside the university campus. Also, receiving phone calls and e-mails for requesting service from the university departments, colleges, deanships, and male's and female's departments to accomplish the required tasks.
  6. 6.Carrying out periodic and emergency maintenance. In addition, organizing and preparing the necessary cards to follow up on the condition of each vehicle as well as its maintenance program during the coming period. Finally, securing the maintenance center needs of spare parts including engine oils and tires.​


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