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Objectives, Duties and Services


Provision of administrative and financial services to all PNU vice rectorates, deanships, colleges, departments, and employees. 

Main Tasks:

1- Prepare annual and five-year plans for the department’s activities and follow-up on their implementation upon approval.

2- Provide administrative and technical supervision over the Financial Affairs Department, the Purchasing Department, the Administrative Communications Center, the Traffic and Transportation Department, and the Budget Department, and coordinate the tasks of said departments to guarantee quality performance. 

3- Supervise the implementation of all PNU administrative and financial systems and by-laws and ensure that they are efficiently implemented.  

4- Supervise the implementation of and evaluate the administrative and financial aspects of the different PNU programs. 

5- Achieve the necessary level of coordination between PNU and all government entities in shared issued related to administrative and financial affairs, such as the Ministry of Civil Service, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Planning and Economy, and the General Control Diwan. 

6- Supervise the preparation of the PNU budget project in coordination with relevant administrative units. 

7- Determine the needs of the General Administration for Administrative and Financial Affairs as to labor, equipment, and materials, and follow-up on their provision. 

8- Determine the training needs of the General Administration’s employees and nominate them for the programs that fulfill these needs. 

9- Prepare periodical reports to be submitted to the Vice Rector reflecting the activities and achievements of the General Administration and recommendations for development. 

10- All other tasks within the scope of work. 

Organizational Affiliation:

The General Administration for Administrative and Financial Affairs is affiliated with the University Vice Rector. ​

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