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Objectives, Duties and Services

General Objective

Providing all the administrative and financial services to the various vice-rectorates, deanships, faculties, departments, and staff. 

Main Tasks:

  1. 1.Preparing five-year and annual plans of the general department activities of administrative and financial affairs in addition to following up on their implementation after their approval.
  2. 2.Carrying out administrative and technical supervision of the department of financial affairs, the procurement department, the administrative communication center, the mobility and transportation department and the budget department. It also has a vital role since it coordinates between these departments to guarantee their optimal performance.
  3. 3.Monitoring the implementation of all administrative and financial rules and regulations as well as ensuring the application of effectively.
  4. 4.Supervising the implementation and evaluation of the various programs in terms of administrative and financial aspects.
  5. 5.Achieving the required level of coordination between the university and all other government bodies in common issues related to administrative and financial affairs such as the Ministry of Civil Service, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Planning and Economy, and the General Audit Bureau.
  6. 6.Supervising the preparation of the university's budget draft in coordination with the relevant administrative units.
  7. 7.Identifying the needs in terms of labor force, equipment, and materials as well as following up on their implementation.
  8. 8.Determining the training needs of the general department for programs nomination that fulfill those needs.
  9. 9.Preparing periodic reports on the general department's activities, achievements, and proposals for development. Also, submitting them to the university vice-president.
  10. 10.Performing any other tasks assigned to it within its sphere of specialization.


Organizational Structure

The general department of administrative and financial affairs is closely linked to the university vice-president.