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Brief About Department

    General Objective:

    Offering all financial and accounting services to the university according to the rules and regulations issued in this regard.


     Main Tasks:

  1. 1.Preparing five-year and annual plans of the department activities in addition to following up on their implementation after their approval.
  2. 2.Carrying out all financial and accounting work from commitments, disbursement of dues, payment of advances, bookkeeping and records according to the instructions, orders, rules and regulations in addition to maintaining these books and records.
  3. 3.Preparing the necessary financial accounts and reports such as the monthly account and the final account requested by the specialized government bodies.
  4. 4.Implementing the financial rules and regulations, following up on the budget items and  verifying the soundness of financial transactions while taking into consideration not to exceed the budget appropriations.
  5. 5.Executing collection and exchange procedures to fulfill the university obligations.
  6. 6.Providing cash liquidity for the university current accounts to the specified amount and within the limits of the appropriations allocated to each item in the budget.
  7. 7.Regulating the feedback request, conducting the periodic inventory of current accounts and preparing the relevant reports.
  8. 8.Recording the credits in the commitment books each according to its type. Then, registering the amounts that the concerned bodies agreed to as they have the power to issue the financial commitment visa.
  9. 9.Receiving all revenue notices, editing their forms and recording them after making the necessary amendments. Then, responding to relevant inquiries and observations.
  10. 10.Preparing statements, attaching copies of settlements of public receivables and making contacts with ministries as well as  government departments and others regarding current accounts with them.
  11. 11.Responding to inquiries from the General Auditing Bureau and the relevant government bodies regarding financial and accounting transactions.
  12. 12.Preparing notes on the appropriate financial systems and accounting methods as well as discussing them with the concerned authorities. Also, collecting, recording, classifying and analyzing the financial statements and instructions.
  13. 13.Carrying out the procedures for implementing the university's budget according to its rules and regulations.
  14. 14.Completing the procedures for opening documentary credit accounts when needed.
  15. 15.Identifying the needs in terms of labor force, equipment, and materials as well as following up on their implementation.
  16. 16.Determining the training needs of the department for programs nomination that fulfill those needs.
  17. 17.Preparing periodic reports on the department's activities, achievements, and proposals for development. Also, submitting them to the university vice-president for supporting services.
  18. 18.Performing any other tasks assigned to it within its sphere of specialization.​