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    General Objective:

Obtaining and securing the latest machines and equipment to reach an integrated production line as well as attracting national technical competencies, thus, making the department distinguished by having the best products for publications and seals.


    Main Tasks:

  1. 1.Supervising and following up on the works, printing requests and seals received from the university administration, its vice-rectorates, and its colleges. In addition, completing the work as quickly as possible with the highest quality and the best output. The printing and publishing department aims at reaching an integrated line to fulfill all requests and needs.
  2. 2.Monitoring and following up on the operating company with regard to providing all operating and maintenance requirements.
  3. 3.Making plans and applying policies as well as rules regarding the provision of services and requirements for the printing and publishing department.
  4. 4.Determining the requirements of human and material resources to achieve the objectives of the printing and publishing department.
  5. 5.Supervising the workflow of the printing press, setting the estimated needs of printing materials, machines and equipment according to the applicable systems, then, submitting them to the university vice-president.
  6. 6.Overcoming the difficulties that may arise within the printing press.
  7. 7.Preparing periodic and annual reports on the work and achievements of the printing and publishing department.​


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