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General Objectives

  1. 1.Establishing and implementing an integrated system for security at the university as well as developing it constantly through coordinating with the concerned security bodies inside and outside the university.
  2. 2.Preserving lives and property at the university.
  3. 3.Maintaining order and raising the level of discipline inside the university.
  4. 4.Participating in emergency situations that may occur in addition to coordinating with other university departments regarding accidents and natural disasters. Then, developing a plan to work on them.
  5. 5.Activating the role of security men. In addition, attracting and training human competencies in order to rehabilitate them and raise their level of performance to carry out security tasks.
  6. 6.Studying, developing and updating security systems in buildings and facilities in order to cope with modern technologies.
  7. 7.Making sure that the security foundations are applied in all work related to operations and maintenance.
  8. 8.Raising the level of awareness among the university's members and familiarizing them with the security and preventive actions in cases of emergency and public disasters because they can be benefited from when needed.


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