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Decision Making Support Department

Decision Making Support Department at the University was established under Resolution no. 31129, dated 04/07/1439 AH, to be the official source and reference for all matters relative to information inside and outside the University, and it reports to Vice-Rectorate of Development and Quality.


Roles of Decision Making Support Department:

·        Collect data from its reliable and original sources.

·        Make data available to stakeholders, each within its competence.

·        Authenticate the data issued by the university to any entity inside or outside the university.

·        Measure performance of the entities in achieving the university indicators and presenting them through review boards for decision makers within the university.

·        Analyze data and create evidence-based knowledge.

·        Provide alternative technical solutions supported by scientific evidence to facilitate the decision-making process.

·        Informational education for stakeholders (policy makers, the public, business sector and civil society).

·        Develop systems and models needed to support decision-making in educational, research, professional and development issues of common interest to the university and society as well.

·        Support knowledge interaction and create partnerships at local, regional and international levels in a manner that supports communication and knowledge exchange.​


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