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​The University Vice Rectorate for Development and Quality is dedicated to achieving the University’s vision and mission by raising the
efficiency of institutional performance and adhering to the quality assurance standards in all administrative and academic departments of the
university. It is also charged with updating and developing the strategic plan of the university in line with the Saudi Vision 2030, the new Saudi
university system, standards of institutional accreditation, and the global classification of universities. In addition, it follows up on the
implementation of operational plans for all departments, monitors performance indicators and issues periodic reports. It also supports decision-
making processes by transparently providing institutional information, data and reports. It identifies and assesses possible hindrances to the
implementation of the university's strategic plan with the required efficiencies. The Vice Rectorate for Development and Quality, through the
Deanship of Academic Development, works to develop efficient training practices provided to members of the educational and administrative
staff, in line with the university's position as an advanced women's academic institution.
     The University Vice Rectorate for Development and Quality is also dedicated to improving the academic reputation of the university while
raising its global ranking and classification among universities. This will be accomplished through the Department of Institutional Identity and
Reputation, which also supervises the university's website in conjunction with the General Department of Information Technology and the
Department of Media and Cognitive Influence. It is also concerned with developing the organizational structure for all administrative units at the
university to facilitate the achievement of its goals while furthering its efficiency and overall performance. It integrates with all departments of the
university to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of institutional performance and ensure that the university is always in alignment with its
vision, mission and goals to become the embodiment of women's empowerment, which prepares qualified graduates who are able to successfully
compete in the labor market and contribute to our national development.

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