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Training Workshops

The Aim of these workshops is:
To Enhance the e-learning skills and knowledge of faculty members.
The Description:
The Deanship offers numerous e-learning training workshops as follows:
-          The Basic Program
This program is intended for addressing the knowledge and skills of a faculty member that quilifies them to build and teach a basic course. It consists of four training workshops:
·         Introduction to e-learning
·         Learning Management System Level 1 - Day 1
·         Learning Management System Level 1 - Day 2
·         Developing and teaching a basic e-course.
-          The Enrichment Program
This program is intended for addressing many of the knowledge and skills that support and activate the role of the faculty member in developing and teaching an e-course fully and comprehensively, in addition to many skills that enrich the educational process. It consists of 10 training workshops:
·         Electronic Exams.
·         Customized content and learners' performance follow-up
·         Virtual class system
·         Learning Management System - Level One (Intensive)
·         Production and use of educational resources
·         Educational video
·         Students' interaction in electronic environments
·         Cloud Computing (Dropbox - Google Drive)
·         Professional applications (My Website - Linkedin - Academia)
·         Activating educational elements through the digital library
Student Mentoring Program:
This program addresses the knowledge and skills required for a student to be an e-learner at Princess Nourah University. It includes some important learning mechanisms and the student's basic technical skills.
·         Introduction to E-Learning
·         Mentoring Course
For registration:
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